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Daniela Coelho

English Faculty teaching ESP/ EFL and IELTS preparation. PhD student in Didactics/Curriculum Development (Pluralistic Approaches/Plurilingualism). Master’s degree in Language Didactics. ESP/TEFL and EAP certified teacher (from the University of Oregon and University of Toronto, respectively) and teacher trainer in Portugal, England and the United Arab Emirates. CPE certificate from the University of Cambridge/British Council. Teacher of Portuguese as a Foreign Language. Curriculum designer and developer. EFL coursebook author (nominated for an ELTon award). Certified e-Learning Tutor. Online course designer. Web 2.0 educational tools user, enthusiast and trainer. Teacher trainer in Technology and iPad apps for language education. Researcher and article writer in Plurilingualism and Technology in Education. Assistant Editor of European Scientific Journal.


Links to my Personal pages:

 @DMDmjc      http://www.scoop.it/t/web-2-0-tools-top-10-for-language-teaching-and-learning 




Ellen Dougherty



Ellen is a member of the English Faculty at the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates. Presently she is a doctoral candidate in TESOL, cognate technology, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She holds an MA in Leadership from McGill University.  She has over 25 years experience with second language learners both as an educator and administrator in North America and the Middle East.


Link to my personal page:





Nery Alvarado



English Faculty teaching ESP/ EFL and IELTS preparation. Master’s degree in Media-Assisted Language Teaching and Learning. Diploma in Applied Linguistics. Certified as Overseas Teacher of English from Cambridge University. Hornby Educational Trustee (2008-09) and BBC-British Council project collaborator. Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Curriculum developer and online course designer. Web 2.0 educational tools consultant and teacher trainer.


Nery has a passion for languages and cultural diversity, as well as technology. She has worked in Higher Education in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Hungary and currently in the United Arab Emirates. 


Links to my Personal pages:














Vance Stevens


Vance Stevens has been a CALL coordinator, CALL software developer, CALL consultant, lecturer in computing, and most recently, English teacher at the UAE air college in Al Ain. He founded Webheads in Action in 1998 and has coordinated that community of practice ever since, including organizing three free international online teacher conferences. He podcasts a weekly seminar series (since 2010) on http://learning2gether.net/He was a founding member and past chair of the CALL-IS in TESOL. He has taught in two of TESOL's online professional development programs and is a coordinator of the TESOL-affiliated Electronic Village Online sessions, where he has facilitated sessions each year since 2002. He currently serves on the executive board of APACALL, and on the editorial boards of TESL-EJ, CALL Journal, and 2010-2014 Writing & PedagogyHe lists numerous publications and presentations at http://vancestevens.com/papers/.




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